A collaborative for the promotion of the Spanish language and culture in the US

Comligo launched a fully paid scholarship to foster understanding of and respect for the Spanish language and culture.

The scholarship program was initially set to have 90 slots. Due to the high number of responses, the final registration was increased to include almost 200 participants.

Different organizations participated in this program, such as NGOs, school districts and other academic institutions.

What did the students think about the course?


“Teacher Angellic was great!”

“Teacher Julia is an exceptional teacher who is very clear, helpful, and skilled at helping all of us at whatever level we are at continue to improve.”

“I enjoy the variety of practice we do throughout the course, from speaking, reading, writing and learning from videos. As an educator, I'm extremely interested in Unidad 3 because there is vocabulary that I'm excited to use with my students and families.”

“Awesome opportunity. Teacher Gadi makes the class very interactive!”

“Participating in the Comligo course has been an educational experience.  I have been able to  improve my understanding and feel more confident in my speaking.”